Our FAQ page has the answers to all the questions you have about bringing DOCTOR DOLITTLE to your school.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: The cost to your school can vary depending on how many children attend each performance - please call or e-mail for pricing.

Q: What does it cost for teachers to attend?


Q: Are discounts available?

A: As with ALL S4K International productions, there is a BUY NOW/PAY NOW option. ALL teachers go FREE.

Q: How long does the show last?

A: Each performance of DOCTOR DOLITTLE lasts 60 minutes. There is NO interval.

Q: How many people are there in the show?

DOCTOR DOLITTLE Company comprises EIGHT professional actors (who also play live music) and TWO members of our production team. All of whom are vastly experienced at touring in theatres and in schools in the UK and abroad.

Q: What is the minimum and maximum number of audience members per show?

A: The MINIMUM number of places per show is 150* - and the MAXIMUM number of places is 300 per show. Don't forget we are happy to do more than one show on one day in the same school. * NB - A minimum booking fee may apply.

Q: When do we pay?

A: We prefer to take payment ON THE DAY, but we can arrange to receive payment by invoice on SEVEN DAYS TERMS.

Q: How do we pay?

A: We accept payment by CASH, CHEQUE of BANK TRANSFER to our UAE bank account.

Q: What facilities do we need for you to stage the show?

A: DOCTOR DOLITTLE is designed to be a "pop-up" theatre show. We bring everything with us. Scenery, costumes, lights, sound, music and actors. We will work with whatever facilities you have, but the more that you can provide the better the experience. We can work in spaces from auditoria to playgrounds - we just need access to electricity.

Q: How big should the staging area be?

A: The show requires a performing space (preferably slightly above floor level) of approximately 15ft wide by 15 ft deep and a minimum of height of 7 ft (4.6m wide x 4.6m deep x 2m high).

Q: What kind of seating is required?

A: We will work around whatever seating arrangements you have in your school.

Q: How long does it take you to set-up before the show and clear-up afterwards?

A: The get-in/fit-up and preparation time is 60 minutes before the first show.
The strike/get-out time is 45 minutes after the final show.

Q: What is the story or the show?

A: A full synopsis of the show can be found on our SYNOPSIS page.

Q: Will there be any scary characters in the show?

A: No – but the amazing sight of the two-headed Pushmi-Pullyu is one of the natural wonders of the world. You've never seen ANYTHING like it!

Q: Should our international children and parents have concerns with regards to the 'cultural' aspect of the story?

A: DOCTOR DOLITTLE is a tale with strong life lessons for us all. He learns to TALK to the animals and UNDERSTAND the animals and discovers that our world that we all live in is more precious and valuable than we realise and that we must all work together to look after each other and our planet.

Costumes: The costumes have all been designed with modesty and the young, international audiences in mind.

Q: What about the recent changes to UAE licensing regulations? Will our school/venue be compliant?

A: All S4K Company have UK DBS checks (Disclosure and Barring Service).
All S4K company members work with the guidelines of our Code of Conduct when working in the presence of children

Remember - S4K International has a reputation for "WORLD CLASS EXCELLENCE"! 

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